lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Right now I wish for...

Hi! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend n__n. Mine was pretty quiet, I went with my BF to see "The orphan". I tough it was like a scary movie but thank god it wasn't (I hate scary movies...they make me so nervous). It was...ok I guess, I didn't like it very much, but there was nothing else to see.

scary girl...or whatever
I've been kinda broke lately T___T... that means no shopping for me. SO I guess I'll have to manage with the stuff I have to go trough the change of season...but If I could, I'd buy:
A black tulle skirt (like some sort of tutu but not that puffy)
Too faced Glam to go case 

Jimmy Choo biker boots
T___T ... I'm so in love with those boots. I hope the work crisis comes to an end soon...
I'll leave you with ha pic of another baby of mine. He's one of my 2 dwarf hamsters, his name's "milk". He's so so adorable, loves to lick my finger lol.
Sweet dreams! See 'ya!

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