jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

MMM... Fajitas!!!

HI everyone! today was so cold in here! I just wanted to stay in bed with my hello kitty blanket ¬_¬
Didn't do much, went grocery shopping with my mom and cleaned my bedroom. My job as a freelance has cons' and pros'...one pro' is that this month my clients have been kinda absent so... that's not good at all O_O...that means no money for goodies at all...Please, somebody hire me!!! lol
Anyways...about the title of this post here's the pic of today's meal
mmm...rib eye fajitas "Harumi style"
 They were sooo good...bell pepper, onion, beef of course....cheese...OMG...the cheese melting all over the tortilla...*drools*. This is one of my all time mexican faves.
Now, I couldn't upload yesterday's makeup, so here are the pics (sorry 'bout the sleepy eyes).
The stuff I used is listed on yesterdays post.
Hope you like it, I'm definitely not a makeup artist and I rarely wear makeup...'cause I don't know how to use it lol. Any comments, suggestions and / or tips are more than welcome!

Before any makeup
 Half done
 All done! My god...My eyes are so small!!!
Sweet dreams! See u tomorrow!

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