lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Pretty little things that makes a girl happy

There's nothing like  new accesories to make my day! I've been into hair clips and hairbands lately, actually, I'm kinda developing my own brand of accesories and other stuff...surprise surprise! But It'll take a'll see!
Meanwhile I'll show you what I bought this weekend. Well, two bought and two made by myself...

Saten hairbands and flower pin (bought), 
ribbon and...(what I like to call) puffy scrunchy (handmade)
Cute leather bracelets  
I've also been into this Morinaga candy it's sooooo good! you cna chew it...and chew it...and chew it...and the flavor won't go...My fave right now is tutti-frutti flavor. The packaging ain't that cute, but I don't really care!

I'm liking this whole blogging thing, but I'm not so sure if I'm doing it the right way lol, I guess I'll just have fun with it and We'll see what happens. I've been visiting several blogs to get some inspiration and tips, like the watermark on the photos displayed on my site...Please! feel free to comment, I need your feedback to know if I'm doing it ok...or so so...or
See 'ya tomorrow!

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