jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Bunny hop!

I want you to meet my baby, her names is Shippo and she's almost 3 years old. My BF gave it to me on my birthday and she's the best present ever!
We spoiled her soooo much when she was a baby and now she's such a diva. She's not well behaved at all (actually, my mom thinks she's kinda evil lol). Shippo used to live indoors, but since she's grown too much We had to take her to the backyard, and now she has a special bunny cottage. I love her so much!

Awww she was so tiny 
Look at her now! Look at those lashes! 

She was the inspiration for this outfit:

I'll show you my other babies in other posts. Hope you like it!

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