viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Mini cream haul

Hi everyone! Today I wanna talk about this three products that I really can't live without: Bioré dual fusion, Bioré hard day's night and Neutrogena's hand cream.

First: Biore's products. I reaaaaaally like them. They run smoothly through your skin, have a nice smell and aren't greasy at all (which I love). Besides, they are easy to find at any drugstore and are not thaaaaat expensive.
I use Bioré's dual fusion as my daily moisturizer. It has SPF30, which is always a plus. (And the white/green combination's cute lol n__n)
For my night moisturizing I use Hard day's night, be honest I haven't been wearing this one for too long, but I think it's pretty good. It leaves your skin feeling so fresh, and in the morning that feeling's still there!

Now, for my hands I totally love Neutrogena's hand cream. I know it's kinda greasy, but if applied correctly it's amazing! Even my BF keeps one on his drawer...tough he applies it not onto  his hands but on his an aftershave...I dunno...hahahaha.
Anyways...I like to use it at night, and cover mi hands with some latex gloves. You wear them for 5 to 10 minutes and when you take them off your hands feel sooooo soft, even your nails feel moisturized.

And that's it for wait! I'll leave you some pics of the pretty pretty flowers that I have around the house. Hope you like'em!

See ya tomorrow!

White/purple orchid

Pretty violet!

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