lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

Well hello there!

Hi! This is my first post ever! I'm kinda exited and nervous about my blog, since it's the first time I write my thoughts and experiences to an Besides, english ain't my language, I speak spanish so, it's harder for me to explain so you can understand (I hope you will n_n).

Well, this blog will be about all my passions in life: food, fashion (I'm such a shopaholic), design, makeup and all things kawaii. I hope you'll like it! Eventually I'll upload videos showing makeup tutorials, recipes, and funny stuff (I only have to find a nice video editor for mac).

And now, a little bit of a mini bio for you to get to know me n_n!
•My name is Harumi. 
•I'm a half japanese...half latin haf japanese to be precise.
•I'm a Graphic Designer, loooooooove all about design.
•I've always been in love with clothes...especially shoes
•I recently discovered that I totally love makeup (eventough I don't know how to use it lol, but I'm practicing!)
•Love cooking and baking above all
•Oh! and I'm crazy about animals, I have a bunny pet, 2 hamsters, a dog, 2 parrots, a turtle and 2 (homeless) cats

Hope you'll follow me and my craziness n_n!

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